Being an exile insists that you must build your life from scratch. You are given this opportunity. (J.K.)

This body of work is closely linked with Josef Koudelka´s personal history. In 1970, he leaves Czechoslovakia and goes into exile in England. The photographer has then traveled for over 20 years in Europe and around the world in search of nomadic lives to the rhythm of fairs, carnivals and pilgrimages. His photographs reflect his wanderings and encounters.

The Making of Exiles is not a new version of the previous books, but an exploration of the genesis and the making of this photographic journey. Koudelka´s own image associations of the series are presented along with unpublished photographs including several self-portraits. A text by Michel Frizot, resulting of hours of interviews with the photographer, with many archive documents, shed light on the positions, commitments and lifestyle that led to the iconic series.