Sold Out

Signed and numbered
96 pages
150 x 95 mm
Black and white
Limited Edition of 250

LA-LV brings together Antony Cairns' work from Los Angeles and Las Vegas in 2014-2015. Cairns' work is defined by its experimental processes and alternative printing methods, and LA-LV is yet another foray into innovation.

With a practice rooted in chemical-based techniques and a devotion to black and white film, Cairns has developed a highly distinctive body of work that is now reproduced in yet another rich and unconventional format. All images in this volume were shot using Agfa APX 35mm film which was then reversal processed to make black and white transparencies. These chemically-altered photographs have hence been Duotone printed; deep black on silver ink, resulting in a metallic effect, remaining loyal to Cairns' characteristic style of printing on aluminium.

The regular softcover version features an industrial neon orange silkscreen printed cover on pearl.

These exploratory publications provide a highly atypical perspective of the Los Angeles and Las Vegas we know from popular culture, melding discarded methodology with a series of bleached-out boulevards and neon nights.

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