Rosette, Mauricette et Roby

Zoé Beausire


Sold Out

16.7 x 23.2 cm
64 pages
30 colour images
Thread stitching
Edition of 500 copies
ISBN 9783981510515

The photo book by Zoé Beausire (b.1987) document in a very empathetic and personal way the artist’s preoccupation with the process of aging and the resulting bodily and mental changes within the artist‘s closest circle of family. The photos are posing questions about physical adjacency and the relation of life and death. In a symbolical as well as narrative way, she shows drastically and intensely the inevitable process of body changes, of alteration in social life and in social participation. Contentwise the works complement one another to a deeply touching construct of hard reality, gentle narrative sightings of details, fragmented memories and staged sequences of dreams. In this way a new, direct and at the same time very empathetic view is generated on the omnipresent topic of demographic changes in our society.