Le Château Rouge No1 is the first installment of a multi-part photographic essay. The title refers to a Paris Metro station, becoming here a fictional setting. Starting here, artist Martin Essl’s path takes him through Paris and various other European locations, on a quest to capture images which hold their own special colors and light within atmospheres that surround us in everyday life.

Enjoying walks, roaming the streets, to lose himself are all important parts of Martins process. The resulting images allow viewers to take initiative and release their imagination as they stroll down this path. Journeying, exploring, constantly being on the move is a quality that is reflected in the totality of these pictures. In an effort to exhaust the possibilities of photographic depiction and reception, different sequences of seeing are developed. Going against chronology and the kind of narrative logic that can be found, for example, in a photographic diary. Spillage and dreams are at the heart of this work.

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