Marina Caneve - Are They Rocks or Clouds?

Marina Caneve

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160 pages
221 × 280 mm
ISBN 978-94-90119-79-9

This book addresses the history of hydrogeological events in the Dolomite mountains and, more broadly, how our cultural memories of such incidents are shaped. The publication explores how human habitation persists in locations that have established patterns of landslides, floods, and other such possible catastrophes. The work comprises a blend of research and archival images, texts, and recent photographs woven together to address the themes of Destruction, Protection, Experience, and Resilience in areas with centuries-long cycles of human vulnerability in the face of natural disasters. ‘Are They Rocks or Clouds’ balances information, history and visual pleasure as the reader is asked to confront the risks we take, as humans, in our effort to live comfortably while also pushing the limits of how we interact with the natural world.

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