«Mellow» is a collection of photography by the Norwegian photographer, Sofie Sund. Through carefully constructed still life images, Sofie captures the essence of what is usually perceived simply as normality. However, with a playful yet delicate touch, this series of images strives to elevate and capture the wonder of those little "in-between moments"; the moments that when pieced together make up everyday life.

The Norwegian-based artist, Sofie Sund, explores photography as a form of expression. In her work, we see everything from little shapes, textures and colours that she values in everyday life, to objects or scenes that remind the artist of her childhood, all these elements are immortalised through her images. Sund has exhibited at Norway’s National Museum of Photography (Preus Museum), Uncertain States Scandinavia and Ikono, and her work is to be shown with ImageNation in Paris (2021).