Between shadow and light, the grain of the skin, the slightest shiver is exacerbated. Laurent Castellani plays the close-up shot as an expression of its relationship to spacean. The macro-portrait is the art of exploring the beauty close at hand and creating intimacy, the image creation pushing us to whisper.

Laurent oscillates at the border of reality and imagination in his photos as in his films. Each shot is an emotion. Beauty emerges, natural and wild. Minimalist in the soul and in his approach, Laurent Castellani seeks above all the essential: a vibration.

His “Mulholland Drive” series, included in the book, was born one summer night under the Cheviré bridge in Nantes. These pictures be witching, timeless, almost frightening, caught in the darkness of an urban setting sign some kind of hatching. Laurent Castellani considers them as his revelation.