memories people places is a photo book that includes 28 unpublished images to Ingen har sett allt (1995), a series taken at a mental hospital in Stockholm called Enskede-Skarpnacks psykiatriska sekto, which comprised the third book of the trilogy of work by photographer, Anders Petersen, following Fängelse [Prison] (1984), photographs taken at a prison, and Rågång till Kärleken [On the Line of Love] (1991), photographs of a nursing home. What lies in common with these three books is that their subjects are worlds separated from society and only known by a limited number of people such as family members and friends of the inhabitants. Since these places are largely invisible, we tend to form images of them in our minds. Needless to say, these are biases.

memories people places is certainly a world that Anders Petersen created by photographs, but it is not a tightly closed one surrounded by sturdy walls. It is a world where ordinary people like us laugh, grieve, imagine, mope, make noises, act funny, and feel nostalgic even while suffering from illness.