“The text is like an object. It’s gonna change perspective based on where you are standing.” — Excerpts from Clouds of Sils Maria

6/6, NOT TODAY has reached the end of its volume 1. This issue focuses on local. There are more Taiwan related items in OBJECTS. We met two ladies from the art industry for INTERVIEWS. They shared their life ethos with us. Sound artist Yung-Ta Chang is the paper DJ for THE PLAYLIST. Artist Liu Yu has become a stalker and she took her FIELDNOTES on facebook everyday. For A SPACE FOR ____, Chef Joël Chen searched for hometown images of his childhood as well as artist Yi-Hsuan Peng created imaginations of an exotic destination. CURATOR Freya Chou TRIPPED to Berlin and brought us a poem from Dorothea Lasky. In GEZELLIGHEID, photographer Annabel Miedema shared her flavoursome moments with XIEXIE tea girls. Talented duo Exercise & Edit proposed an unorthodox food-making idea of post-Taoism for THE KITCHEN. In HI TAIWAN, artist Maya Hewitt went to Luzhunan. The ambiguity in landscape created a mixture impression of time and space throughout her residency. For REVIEW section, art critic Po-Wei Wang wrote an essay on transitions in craft,art and design from design perspectives.