Yasumichi Morita describes his Porcelain Nude series as “like producing three-dimensional sculpture in the two-dimensional medium of photography.” New works in the series zoom in on details of two female figures intertwined in complex fashion, creating intricate curves that could not be made by one person alone. Soft, gradual arcs intersect at acute angles. In these interactions we can see movement, contrast, even hints of distinctive personality.

Morita aims in his photography for effects like porcelain sculpture, and in exploring the possibilities of curves produced by two female figures, has come to portray the relationships between these two figures. Although the photographs show only minimal fragments of the figure, each one conveys a clear sense of the time the two subjects and the photographer Morita spent occupying the same space. Through the unique grace of the female form, dynamic fluidity is fixed in frozen moments.

There are an infinite number of instants that can be captured, just as there are no limits to the possible arcs described by soft human forms. Bodies like porcelain intertwine endlessly in a monochromatic world frozen in two dimensions.