2nd printing

Self-Portraits by Yurie Nagashima published by Dashwood Books charts the life of this major Japanese figure over a period of 24 years from 1992-2016 - from brazen young artist to a tender portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood. As Marigold Warner writes in her interview with Nagashima for the British Journal of Photography “Reductively labelled a “girl photographer” in the 90s, Nagashima is now a leading voice in feminist photographic discourse. The publication includes a conversation with Aperture Foundation’s Lesley A. Martin, in which the curator and photographer engage in a discussion about the power of self-portraiture as a radical feminist gesture, and the shifting nature of photography and its aesthetic criterion.” “In this book, I sequenced the images chronologically, so you can see the change. My personal interests also changed, and aging, too, is just another cause.” Book design by Charlotte de Mezamat, Interview by Lesley A. Martin, translation by Akiko Ichikawa.