Back then, I didn't make much money but I did have a lot of time on my hands. I didn't have the cash to go on travels so that option didn't even cross my mind. I was convinced that taking photos of everyday Tokyo was so important that most of the 80's were spent aimlessly wandering around the streets of the city. Bundles of film negatives without record of time and place they were taken are thrown into a box. That box is packed with just the memories of my 20's that I would never want to go back to. Rotten signs and shadows fallen onto the asphalt, Broken window glass and posters pasted onto the utility poles. Did I think that I could find myself in such stuff? In retrospect, those images are immature and the mindset I had back then, lacking any substance just bother me. However, even in those photos, I can pick out images of the city as it was back then. Caught between the self-inflicted pressure to make the photos my own, I probably didn't even look at those moments. Those images are of Tokyo back then…a Tokyo that was so far away from the person I was back then. I think for a brief moment that I wouldn't mind going back there.