These photographs were taken during the years between 1998 and 2008 using six cameras made by four different manufacturers and films in four different formats.
"Zokei" [created landscape], the title of this book, is derived from "paysagement" a notion presented by a French geographer in his examination of the cityscapes of Tokyo and other megalopolises developing around the world since modern times.
The current situation in which there is no model for what "paysagement" should aim at seems suitable to our time at a turning point of entire civilization, not to mention technology.
Thus mimicry, imitation and pantomime are and will be prevalent in photography and manners of expression. As for the history of photography, when such dispositions that every modern man is supposed to have as individual personality, originality and identity are differentiated up until now, the superficialization and fragmentation of photographic modes suit the space-time representation of here and now. Then the ultimate question will be if I can imitate the subject on the other side of the lens until I and the photographed are unified and sublated and vision can still be maintained. The viewers' honest feedback is most welcome.

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