with / against the flow #4

Taiyo OnoratoNico Krebs

Walther König

Sold Out

76 pages
219 × 279 mm
ISBN 9783960984955
English, German

With profound observations, optical illusions and subtle constructions, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs draw our attention to cultural idiosyncrasies in various societies – or even civilizations, as in their work on the USA, The Great Unreal.

Their photographs and film installations do not just show real urban ensembles, but use small interventions to reflect on our own ideas and clichés that we project onto them. For the ifa exhibition series, works that were created in Berlin have been selected in which the artists create nearly perfect visual puzzles. By the use of ordinary roofing beams, pyrotechnics, and optical shifts they dedicate themselves to the reality and myth of the city of Berlin as an eternal wasteland. These pictures also cleverly demystify themselves in certain details, and they thus oscillate between construction and deconstruction.