015 - Summer Wagner is the fifteenth in an ongoing Bi-Monthly series publishing the work of emerging photographers.

Artist Statement
"Imagine you’re asleep, time and space don’t hold the weight they normally do, they feel…less dense, changeable.

Much of my work is a body of visual poems contemplating the way in which we experience consciousness, both linearly and all at once. Linear, as individuals in our own ongoing play…and all at once, as a collective projection of a complex system of conscious beings. Alone, we project our egos into the ether (or onto Twitter, Instagram or TikTok), together those egos dance in an eclectic circus above our heads and reflect dimly on each others faces.

Linear we walk our paths unable to turn around through time…All at once we build our network, a vast web of information - remember what you did on this day 2 years ago? How about 10 years ago? In a picture from 2012 you’re still wondering where Kony is on an endless loop.

And where one web ends, another begins."