018 - Joshua Amirthasingh is the eighteenth in an ongoing Bi-Monthly series publishing the work of emerging photographers.


"The essence of my work lies in the stories it unfolds, fueled by a deep sense of nostalgia. My inspiration comes from diverse sources, including the structured compositions of artists like Edward Hopper, the vibrant energy of my childhood in India, and the captivating storytelling language of cinema.

This unique blend infuses each image with a longing for the past, a feeling further accentuated by my choice of analog film. Its deliberate process forces me to slow down and be intentional, mirroring the introspective nature of reminiscing.

Within the everyday bustle of San Francisco, I seek out quiet moments, using the city's unique interplay of golden hour light, casting a warm, nostalgic glow, and ethereal fog, creating a dreamy, evocative atmosphere. This interplay becomes a character in itself, adding another layer to the stories I weave with my camera.

My photographs ultimately become a conversation between the familiar and the unexpected, inviting viewers to engage with the stories embedded within and embark on their own journeys down memory lane."

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