014 - Teresa Freitas is the fourteenth in an ongoing Bi-Monthly series publishing the work of emerging photographers.


"My work lies in how colour can play with our perception of place.

The basic act of responding to colour and its natural spontaneity is a great part of what compels me to photograph, but also how colour can complement composition through the post-processing process.
Focusing on colour balance and harmony, I attach a painterly quality to my images, where colours aren't cluttered and can function as a means of communication. This is achieved by tending toward a soothing pastel palette, with paradoxical details of vibrant hues that intrigue the eye.

The purpose of my images is primarily to provide a moment of visual pleasure. When colour doesn't have to represent something in particular, it has a more ambiguous and emblematic quality for the viewer. There is more freedom to explore a subtleness of the relationship between fiction and reality that photography allows."