Bastiaan van Aarle challenges our notion of time and movement. Unexpectedly, by choosing a medium and a subject that epitomizes stillness. By taking photos of mountains—all within the same frame, but spread over a certain period of time—these monuments of immutability, seemingly start to shift and reveal a movement, we don’t experience ourselves: the rotation of the planet in space. Taking inspiration from color photography’s beginnings, van Aarle transferred the different images to cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When brought together again, they reveal subtle traces of the passing of time in colored tinges. The effect is so otherworldly that it feels as if the rocks exist in a different dimension—as if the soft hues come fuming from the mountain’s deepest history, floating gently in the thin mountain air. What is revealed here about the world is only exposed in the image, it can neither be conceived beforehand nor be seen with the mere eye: It is the magic of photography.


Belgian landscape photographer, BASTIAAN VAN AARLE (b.1988) explores the boundaries of photography, its medium-specific properties, and how these relate to the perception of reality. He is especially interested in the transformative qualities of light, be it through invasive advertising panels or the White Nights of the North.

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