Frank Kunert's works are as ambiguous as life itself. Constantly questioning the human condition, the artist translates his interpretations of the world into meticulous miniature models and captures them photographically. Kunert's constructions contain intelligent observations about the delicate task of balancing work and life, or the whimsicality of the everyday. Following his illustrated volumes Topsy-Turvy World, Wonderland and Lifestyle, Carpe Diem reveals the contradictions of our existence—between euphoria and impending misery. Comedy and tragedy are closely intertwined in the work of model maker and photographer: Kunert leads us into a parallel universe that seems surreal yet strangely familiar.

FRANK KUNERT's (b.1963, Frankfurt am Main) interest was initially focused on landscape photography. During his training as a photographer in the 1980s he came to know and love studio work. Since then, he has gradually specialized in designing and photographing miniature models.

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