As Time Passes and Details Fade, Photographs Become our Memories.

“As time passes and details fade, the photographs that we choose to hold onto become our memories. As a result when an image is made, explicitly or subconsciously, decisions are being made about how things will be remembered.” These images are Australian photographer’s Mark Forbes Collected Memories.

Five years in the making, his debut monograph presents a cohesive blend of carefully composed scenes, from faded interiors and common, relatable spaces, to the romance of our environment being reclaimed by nature. Turning the pages there is a stirring sense of both subtle ordinary beauty and inherent personality sprinkled across each of the large plates. Forbes’ photographic preference, using medium format film, is slow and methodical–and this approach can be felt throughout the quiet pages.

Melbourne-based photographer MARK FORBES (1980, Middlesbrough, UK) is best known for his considered and atmospheric documentary photography of street scenes, urban landscapes and interiors. He employs film as his medium of choice for personal documentary work—using predominantly traditional medium format cameras. His work has been widely exhibited in international public and private galleries.

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