With Boring Book, photographer and artist Vitali Gelwich presents a retrospective of his previously unpublished photographic works. Intimate images open up the world of the Russian-born artist, who grew up in a Brandenburg prefabricated housing estate. Somewhere between street culture, high fashion, and post-Soviet aesthetics, the images unfold the artist’s identity. Gelwich has established himself as a sought-after fashion and portrait photographer, and with this publication he now invites us into his personal narrative. He finds beauty in the suburbs, among otherwise often excluded groups or at the margins of society – the human being is always at the center for him. A testimony of our time, but also of the artist’s perception.

VITALI GELWICH (b.1990) is a fashion photographer and artist. He was born in Russia and grew up in Germany, today he lives and works in Berlin. He is self-taught and works on book and art projects in addition to his photographic work.

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