Osaka-born photographer Cozy Wakita presents a book of street photographs and everyday snapshots. Printed in black-and-white, Wakita’s photographs seem as if taken as a natural extension of the act of looking, as if captured directly through his eyes with no involvement of a camera at all. Moments of seemingly no greater significance, captured at a festivals, parks or on the streets, are interspersed with strange, almost surreal and humorous snapshots.

“When the rain stops, I look up at the sky;
When the flowers bloom, I gaze absently into them;
When I pass by someone charming, I turn around.

Searching for someone I shouldn't have forgotten
in a neighbourhood I am unfamiliar with―
Am I hoping for something to happen in the passage of time,
or do I still have a lingering attachment to them?

It's just a flash, but still a flash―
short poems sparked by a small light.
I suppose this glaring and absurd reality
will continue to fascinate me for some more time.”
― Cozy Wakita’s afterword (included in Japanese & English)

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