With its subjects and settings ranging from mountain sceneries, forests, children, villages, miscellaneous objects, interiors, ponds and close-ups, Masahito Agake’s “Roganfudoki” (lit. “Hazy-eyed Record of a Region”) captures the world as a place imbued with mystery and an ominous atmosphere. Through complex layers, Agake recreates the memories and sense of wonder of his childhood and captures the growth of his own son, all the while referencing traditions and techniques from the history of Japanese photography. But rather than simply offering nostalgia, “Roganfudoki” opens doors between the present and the past, between memories and dreams yet to be fulfilled.

“Perhaps one of the fundamental motivations for photography is to anticipate loss. While retracing the techniques of a century ago, Agake is looking into the future in which what exists now will be lost. Looking into a future full of uncertainty, his vision becomes blurry, yet he tries to reach out to touch what he sees—this reflects his longing to touch and hold onto things that may soon be lost.”

― from Masako Todo’s afterword

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