Sold Out

180 × 230 × 30 mm
112 Pages, Hardcover, spiral-bound
First edition of 500
Published in August 2016

The photographer found the photos in the series in antique markets. They were taken in China of 1970s or 80s. He used collaging or drawing to destroy or carry forward the stories in the photos, with his imagination or restoration about the social news in recent years. Maybe the original photos recorded real things which happened, but were the new plots through his changes completely fabricated?

Sun Yanchu was born in 1978 in Zhoukou, Henan Province. He now lives and works in Zhengzhou. He won MIO Photo Award (Morumura Yasumasa) Special Award in 2010, won Lianzhou International Photo Festival New Photography Award in 2011, won Jinan International Photo Biennale The Best Photographer Award in 2012.

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