Floating Island is an independent journal published irregularly. Each issue explores and discusses current research trends in photography and visual culture. The pilot issue is organized around the dimensions of current writing on Chinese photography. Seven years in the making, the journal includes papers and essays by eleven researchers and writers from China and Europe essays and reviews completed in recent years.



Return Home - Photographic Report of a Journey _ Roberto Figliulo

Affection and Ethics: On Family Photography, Again _ Yunchang Yang

On Fictional Photographic Archive _ Bo He

Absence-Essence: Convergences Between the East and the West in Their Landscape Aesthetic _ Joan Villaplana


Empire of the Ineffable: Roland Barthes’s Search For “A Message Without A Code” From Photography to the Haiku and to Photography _ Hanlu Zhang

What is 21st Century Photography? _ Daniel Rubinstein


Images of Anamnesis - Map as a Producer of Visual Form and Content of Knowledge _ Min Chen

Mang People and Landscape: The Spatial Narrative of a Border Community _ Xinhao Cheng

Papi Jiang as a Port: Chinese Internet and Nationalism, Gender and Fan Economy _ Yuxiang Dong

△ Book Review

Enlarging: The Construction and Production of the Histories of Photography as a Plural _ Hao Hu

The Civilization of Photographic Research: A Preparatory Course on the "Pharmacology" of Visual Culture _ Guaier Huang + Runzhong Wang