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Nakako Hayashi


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A year ago, I visited Aichi prefecture in the end of summer. It was to reflect on the work of Nobuya Hitsuda, as well as to see the exhibition “In the Little Playground: Hitsuda Nobuya and his surrounding students” that reflects on the time, in his 40 years of teaching experience, he spent with his students, such as Yoshitomo Nara, Hiroshi Sugito, Kyoko Murase, Mika Kato and many more.

Although having visited on an assignment, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Even for people who are actively recognized, there are still moments, numerous times in your life, where one needs to spend those blue hours alone. The process, to be alone, to suffer with unsettled emotion, is necessary to move forward.

Around the same time, I was asked by chance to write an essay, and decided to write on raising children. Raising children is also about continuous time that cannot be controlled. In the end of that summer, those were the two things that were on my mind, so I decided to put together an issue for Here and There, focusing on the blue hour that can make our lives colorful, as well as the color blue itself.

I looked up at the blue sky. Blue is a color that represents the beauty of nature, but at the same time, it exists in many things manmade. Blue can be found in clothing you wear against your skin, somewhere near you, and far away. The aim is to seek for a blue in personal emotions and in the growing process of people and to find it scattered in the world. This, hoping that it will be an attempt to sprout something in people’s hearts.

Nakako Hayashi

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