here and there 13

Nakako Hayashi


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80 pags
30 × 21 cm

“Could you try growing a hyacinth?” Just asking these few words, opened a new door for communication. And this was made possible only because they were kind enough to answer my request. I am grateful, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has shown me, through the course of their lives, how results can be unpredictable and incidents beyond our presumption, and moreover, how time can be full of suspense while taking care of the plant. And to everyone who happened to pick up the magazine, although unconsciously, you may have been sowing new seeds with these new encounters. I was editing the magazine in the hope of this becoming an opportunity for you to pause, look around, and imagine that such things are possible. I would be most delighted to see you enjoy and having a wonderful read. Nakako Hayashi

Nakako Hayashi Editor. Born 1966. She is the founder, curator and editor of here and there. The magazine features her texts among a select group of writers and contemporary artists with whom she is in continuous dialogue. The first issue of here and there was published in 2002. After working for Hanatsubaki magazine (1988-2001) published by Shiseido, she became a freelance writer and editor. Through her writing in different media such as newspapers, magazines and web magazines, she continues to report on the works by artists who she finds intriguing.

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