Akiko Kimura (1971) was born in Hitachi, Japan. She is part of a new generation of Japanese photographers who work the landscape with extreme sensitivity. Her work has been shown at galleries in Japan and internationally.

The series title “i”, is the sound /ai/ which is “I“ in English and “love” in Japanese.

In a glimpse of these photographs, you are left feeling a sense of peace and serenity, a feeling of the good fortune of living in this world.

“i” is Akiko’s first book with an international distribution, edited with extreme quality in a limited-edition of 1000 copies.

“Every time I look at my artworks, I’m provided with new ways of seeing them. It’s as if they are a mirror allowing me to encounter myself afresh each time.
I like to think this allows my work to be re-born again and again whenever my photographs are experienced. With my work, I am happy when I feel there is nothing, but at the same time everything”.

Akiko Kimura

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