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116 pages
8.2 x 11 in
ISBN 978-84-17047-13-9

Surrounding ourselves with more or less complex rituals, we all seek to evade the ineluctable fact that, sooner or later, we will hear Death whispering the words nemini parco (‘I spare no one’) in our ear.

There are believers, agnostics, and atheists when it comes to divinities, but almost no one doubts the existence of death. Lest this fear throw a permanent shadow over our souls, we search constantly in the darkness of ignorance for a ray a hope.

With its suggestive and striking images, the work of photographer Jesús Monterde, far from being a hymn to death, is a call to life, to the hopeful struggle we all wage daily in order not to forget to seek a ray of light in the midst of such darkness. And perhaps to find one.

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