Small Things in Silence (New Edition / English Edition)

Masao Yamamoto

Editorial RM

Sold Out

132 pages
246 × 307 mm
ISBN 978-84-17975-01-2

Born in 1957 in Gamagori, in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi, Masao Yamamoto is a photographer who began his art studies as an oil painter under the supervision of Goro Saito in his hometown. Masao subsequently discovered that photography was the ideal medium for the theme that most interested him: images with the ability to evoke memories.

Small Things in Silence offers a perspective on twenty years in the career of one of Japan’s most important photographers. In the words of Yamamoto himself: “I try to capture moments that no one sees and make a photo from them. When I seen them in print, a new story begins.”

Small Things in Silence includes images from each one of Yamamoto’s major projects—Box of Ku, Nakazora, Kawa, and Shizuka—as well as images from some of his original photographic installations.

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