Last Year's Photographs (Limited Edition)

Nobuyoshi Araki

Case Publishing

Sold Out

Book Size
262 x 180 mm
80 pages, 38 images
Hardcover, case
Publication Date
Limited Edition

Limited, Special Edition

The special, hardcover edition of Araki’s Last Year’s Photographs is limited to 500 copies and comes in a case made after the original box the photos were stored in for over 40 years.

Hidden away in a box labelled “Kyonen no shashin” (Last Year’s Photographs), 38 pictures Nobuyoshi Araki has taken in 1975 spent a quiet life, to surface as a time capsule of the prolific Japanese photographer’s early work period.

The photos - mostly snapshots of people in streets and trains, in stark black and white - capture private moments in Tokyo’s public life with an unintruding, unassuming eye. A beautiful look into the recent past of one of the world’s biggest megacities, and into the early career of one of its most talented photographers.

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