Le premier homme is a semi-fictional documentary that tells the story of a mysterious man called Mr. B. living as a hermit in nature. In fact, after spending an entire life working tirelessly trying to survive and a few years from retirement, Mr. B. abandoned everything – his job, his family, his friends, his house… – to lead a simple and authentic life.

This man, crushed by an increasingly inhuman and deleterious system, found refuge far from his fellow men and developed extraordinary abilities there. He's able to control the elements, communicate with animals and even levitate.

By refusing to participate in the exploitation of nature and humans, by adopting a humble and responsible attitude, he's rising against the excesses of neoliberalism. It’s a sort of David’s fight against Goliath - a highly topical issue - that he embodies in his own way and will lead without compromise when he will feel ready to get back to – what is paradoxically called – civilization.