‘Montöristen’ is the diary of those who lose themselves and look for reconciliation. The book follows Ström’s inside journey as he becomes a new father. A new man. New paradigms. As he looks for a balance between love and self-preservation.

The title is a Swedish neologism. Comes from the word "monteur": to put something together, to assemble. That is how Ström sees himself. He creates and then he puts "it" together.

"The term itself is something I feel "home" in, it is a place where "I" can belong. There is no great importance for me to have a role title. Creating my own, is a way of having an authority upon my own creations." – Carl-Mikael Ström

Neither the images or text are the explanation of each other. Ström finds himself torn between his desire for creation and the reality of family life.

The book was not only made out of texts and photographs. Being a father, being a partner, being a lover, being a liar, being depressed, being happy, walking, drinking, eating, sleeping, painting, working, paying bills. 'Montöristen' comes out of ordinary life.