Tang Jing

Jiazazhi Press

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12 postcards
First Edition
all numbered and signed

Could one world become the reflection of another world? Is Utopia more of a dreamland or a perceptual dissociation? With the advent of such concept, people started to change their society into an imaginary perfect world. Therefore, urban architecture became something that people could start with. Architecture can not change our cities, but it reflects people’s social demands for aesthetics.

Since 2013, I have photographed many replicated European-style buildings in China’s different cities. They are not like the World Park or other places where people can only entertain their fantasies just for moments. These replications do exist in our real world. However, I consider them not only as a parody of western aesthetics due to China’s cultural discontinuity, but also a new economic development model. A brilliant new world might become an utopian nightmare like Brasilia, a different Europe, or an imperceptible memory.

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