When I finished my second book Days of Night (with pictures from New York and Tokyo) I was broke and had no ideas either. So it was not the best of times when I got a call from a press photographer friend of mine. He had gone digital and had cleaned his car, his apartment, bags and jackets and ended up with 3 big bags of films he was going to throw away. But maybe it was easier to get rid of it by calling me?! I was happy and even bought him a beer! But what to shoot…? Some of the films was pretty old, some had been in and out of xrays at airports, some even maybe used so I started slowly to test some films shooting in my neighborhood in the inner city of Oslo. I looked at architectural details, graffiti, objects, plants and vegetation which is often temporary and overlooked, but are important parts of the city's identity. Time and history becomes very visible in the citys architecture, etc. and shows the city's transformation processes. Large parts of modern Oslo's were established at the end of the 19th century and literature and paintings from this period has partly been an inspiration for the project.

The title is inspired by the movies “Christiane F. vom Bahnhof Zoo” and “Døden på Oslo S.” (death at Oslo central station). What the F stands for is open, but it can be fiction, foto, fantasy, flowers, etc., or a fictional area of the city.