A photographic ramble through the life of a great photographer

Frank Horvat (*1928 in Abbazia, today Opatija, Croatia), a pioneering fashion photographer and one of the first professional photographers to use Photoshop, can meanwhile look back at around seventy years of activity and a dazzling career. The grand seigneur now allows us very personal insight into his private life: the autobiography in pictures reveals personal moments from all phases of his life. We encounter the great themes of humankind, such as birth and death, are witness to his ability to play, and to handle animals, we see his family, his friends. They are everyday images like anyone could have assembled in an album. However, there is one slight difference: a master was clearly at work here early on, the quality of the photographs speaks for itself. In the appendix, Horvat comments, in most cases at length, on each of the chronologically ordered pictures.

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