Lin Shu, born in Fujian Province, now lives and works in Beijing. His series “Di Da” (Drip) was listed in the first Three Shadow Photography Award. His another series “Toxic” was exhibited in Japan and France, and was published by zen foto gallery.

Qu Jing means shrew. This book tells about growth. After moving to Beijing for five years, Lin Shu wanted to put his pictures taken during life and travel into a book. He tries to express through these personal images everyone’s experience of loss and gain, let go and possession, sorrow and joy, during their growth. Brought up in Southeast China, Lin Shu was obsessed by animals in his childhood. Once occasionally he found a shrew (“Qu Jing” in Chinese) in a garden, and tried to catch it but failed. His girlfriend, who appears a lot in this book, is also a “shrew” he tries to catch all the time.

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