Sold Out

168 pages
187 images
280 × 205 mm
April 2022

This is the fifth volume of the street photography zine published by Osaka-based Vacuum Gallery, featuring a series each by the photographers Hsuan Lang Lin, Takuya Suzuki, Jun Abe, Jade Chen, Shogo Yamada, Jumpei Seto, Kosato Matsuoka, Yuko Hirano, Koshino Ryosuke and Nagisa Goto. As with previous issues, “Vacuum 05” puts the focus entirely on the photographs: images cover the full page, with no empty space or text (apart from the title and author) visible in the entire magazine. Despite (or perhaps because of) its no-frills approach, reading through an issue of Vacuum magazine is a kaleidoscopic experience, with each new photographer, each new series, each new image offering another inspiring way to frame one’s personal world.

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