Toshiya Murakoshi has been photographing his home of Fukushima since 2006. The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 transformed the landscape forever, into a place of its own.
“An Eventual Saturation” continues Murakoshi’s previous series “A Gradual Thaw,” whose exposed contents spill out onto the surface of the ground and—no longer able to seep through the gaps in the terrain—eventually begin to overflow. Murakoshi’s gaze that continues to observe the realities of the current while harboring.

“I am kept alive by continuing to engage in photography, and am scraped away and ravaged as I dream. There is a force that blows upward like a tornado, and a force that draws inward like a whirlpool. This double spiral connects the various phenomena that occur in the world with the impressions that have been cultivated within my mind. The act of taking photographs is prayer for the irreversible past, and is a starting point for articulating a new narrative.” — from Toshiya Murakoshi’s afterword

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