Few photographers capture the wonder of what surrounds us in everyday life with such a sense of wonder as the Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes (@scheltensabbenes).

In “Zeen,” published to accommodate the eponymous exhibition at the Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam, objects are removed from their usual contexts, vigorously analyzed, framed and (sometimes) zoomed into to reveal their innermost core. In Schelten & Abbenes’ illustrative images, we understand the beauty in the sharp crease in a men’s shirt, of a colorful powder patch, or the rivets on a lorry.

The tactile quality of Scheltens & Abbenes’ photographic still-lives is echoed in the embossed lettering and foil stamping on the book’s flexible cover. A three-part essay by Louise Schouwenberg provides further insight into the artistic practice of the Dutch artists.

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