Apple Tree

Yoshihiko Ueda


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128 × 152 mm
38 pages
Dec 2017

One day, photographer Yoshihiko Ueda came across an apple tree by chance.

He was captivated by it in a moment, and after impulsively photographing it from the car window, was left with the strong feeling of wanting to photograph it again. He did several years later when he visited the same village once more in the same season. The images photographed through an 8x10 camera that brought “pleasure to my eye,” “pleasure that swelled up to fill my whole body” were scaled down to a small size that places at close distance to the subject the instant when the shutter is depressed to capture the reflected life force emitted by the red fruit of the apple tree that fills the viewfinder with light of reflected life force. This is a friendly and open book that fits well in the palm of the hand.

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