"Whenever I think of oolong tea, for some reason I always recall the time I landed at the Beijing Airport in winter. In the 1980s, the Beijing Airport was much smaller than it is now. Landing there at the time, you became aware of a smell faintly wafting in the air of something like burning briquettes or coal used for heating. From then on, each time I caught a whiff of that scent, the feeling of quiet delight at coming back to China again would effervescently rise up in me. As I gazed absentmindedly through the glass window in the old lobby that was there in those days at the misty white horizon far in the distance, the words "faraway feeling" rose naturally to mind and then I would always quietly murmur those words somewhere in my heart. [...]

Yoshihiko Ueda  (Extracted from the foreword "Suntory Oolong Tea Journey to a Faraway Land")

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