Yosuke Morimoto's first photo book is featuring photographs taken from 2006 to 2023, arranged horizontally like frames of a movie reel.

This series began with an encounter in Yoyogi Park, where he approached a solitary woman, asking her if she would let him take her portrait.

Amidst the urban forest, hidden away, stands the presence of individuals. Morimoto eventually ventured beyond yoyogi park, encountering people hidden within the forest of the city, capturing both their portraits and the scenes of their surroundings through his camera lens.
The photographs, arranged chronologically, extend like a path walked, and the fleeting form, only once in existence and scenes captured through the camera linking into a continuous current path.

These womens and their surroundings carry a profound sense of fleeting yet resilient which familiar and easily overlooked, gazing back at the photographer and us.

Where are you, and what expressions do you hold within?

This is a photography book etched with the essence of an individual's existence that is often hard to perceive.

Limit Time Offer: 2024 Japanese Art Book Sale

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