Photographed between 2015 and 2019, Satoshi Ogawa’s photobook “Crossing World of Bangladesh” captures the South-Asian country in a series of street snaps, impromptu portrays and still lifes. Ogawa’s focus lies firmly on “intersections” – people gathering, interacting, influencing each other across different social and economic classes. In Ogawa’s photographs, Bangladesh appears as a place built around these intersections, as if everything follows the possible crossing paths between people. At the same time, Ogawa manages to mix in personal, even private moments, and juxtapose visual chaos with quieter images.

“The world is built on where people gather, no matter if they are rich or poor. And with time, it becomes where people cross paths.

Overwhelmed by the sounds of car horns and rickshaw bells and the voices of the people, I continue to wander around the city with a camera today.

Eventually, a cold wind blows through the city and a squall takes over with thunder that sounds like a roaring beast. In no time, the road becomes a river and the city is covered with darkness.”
— Satoshi Ogawa’s afterword

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