Drinks machine shimmers / For a mere one hundred yen I warm stiff fingers

Chan Wai-Kwong

Zen Foto Gallery

Chan Wai-Kwong is back with his fourth publication with Japanese publisher Zen Foto Gallery.
Its title inspired by the lyrics of Japanese singer Yutaka Ozaki’s song “15 no Yoru”, the book’s design mimics a vinyl double-album, with one book of photographs focusing on black-and-white images and the other on color works. In his established style—a brilliant mix of sincerity, humor, eroticism, vulgarity and sensuality—Wai-Kwong presents a visual diary of life, love, lust and desire.

“This book shows my youth. The light and the warmth in its title is something I always wanted to photograph,” says Chan Wai-Kwong in his statement. Youth, to him, means his current period of life. Right now, when he is in love.