The people we love the most often remain impossible for us to fully understand. In his latest book, "Intimate Puzzle," French photographer Maki focuses on Masami, the woman with whom he shares his life. Through his photographs, we see Masami in various situations of everyday life: sitting across the table in a restaurant, sharing an elevator, looking at her face while she sleeps, each photo revealing (or adding) another facet of her being. Maki, usually an analog enthusiast, shot the entire series with his cell phone camera. Perhaps because of the cell phone's own status as a ubiquitous part of modern life, Maki has succeeded in creating a series that never loses its fascination with its inexhaustible subject.

“To articulate in a few words the exceptional being that is Masami would be impossible and unnecessary, for it is my hope that such essence permeates and emanates from the pages of this book.” ― from Maki’s afterword (included in French, English, and Japanese)

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