Eric left Hong Kong in 1997 when it was about to be handed back over to China. After spending 20 years in Japan and photographing people from different countries around the world, Eric had a strong urge to focus his lens on where he was born and raised - right up front with the “Hongkongese” people.

Through photographs, new interests arise. For me that curiosity has only strengthened — it has become my living adrenaline now. This adrenaline is born from the pleasure in taking photographs. Walking ahead, step by step, looking and shooting without hesitation — it’s that moment that does it. I can’t get enough of the thrill.

The political and social situation of Hong Kong has changed since those days. But the people there still drift along with their own unique characteristics.
As long as humans are what they are, the essence what we do won’t change.
Come to think of it, my unchanging essence — an unwavering curiosity and a relentless desire to photograph — maybe that too was born in Hong Kong.

—ERIC (excerpt from Afterword)