IMA Vol.32: Stephen Shore: Seeker of Truth in Contemporary Photography

Stephen Shore


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225 x 298mm

At the age of 14, Stephen Shore left a mark in the history of photography when the Museum of Modern Art New York acquired his prints. He has never stopped his quest to grasp the truth that lies behind photography ever since. Unconstrained to one style nor satisfied with his early success, he faced the world that surrounds him through many shapes and forms, switching cameras to fit each of his thought processes, and slowly captured his images with sincerity. Even after his outstanding achievements, he has not stopped moving forward. And within his process of exploration, reminiscent of the discipline of a Zen monk, his wide-ranging bodies of work and the words he carefully chooses to articulate come together as one “secret of photography”, a teaching from a mentor. We are thus, made aware that what Shore saw in the vernacular landscapes of America, is what the masters of Renaissance from whom he is so inspired by, envisioned. We cannot help but think that to have encountered this great photographer in our time, is a singular blessing for all who enjoys seeing and taking photographs.

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