“There are many reasons to move. In my case, one morning I was suddenly overwhelmed by an eerily compelling sensation that I shouldn’t be here anymore.”

In “Moving Away”, Japanese photographer Miyako Ishiuchi herself becomes the subject of her photography. In the three years between suddenly deciding to move out of the house in which she had lived for 43 years and her actually moving, she took a series of landscapes, streetsnaps, detail shots and still lives around her house and neighborhood that all – either directly as a mirror image or indirectly – feature her in some way. Ishiuchi documents the end of another chapter in her life with attention, sentimentality but also decidedly positively.

“I had always believed that every photographs is a reflection of its maker, no matter its subject. So I intentionally never photographed myself. My photographs always stood apart fro the essence of photography as documentation in order to conjure the extra-ordinary.”

All texts included in Japanese and English translation.

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