Osamu Yokonami


Sold Out

27 cm x 23 cm
28 pages, 14 color plates
Offset printed clothbound hardcover.
Linen thread bound.
Authentic tip-in image on front cover with cover text in white foil.
ISBN 978–91–88113–00–9
Published in 2015

Through an expressive exploration of anonymity, natural landscapes and collective entity, Osamu Yokonami (b. 1967, Japanese) offers insight into a simplistic yet obscure realm, where inquisitive souls are homogeneous and joyful. Uniformed and choreographed individuals seeking new sensations and mysteriously discovering their scenic settings—one is left with versatile perception of what really happened, and unforgettable delight.

Photographs were taken in Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

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